Embrace the Tao ~ 6 week course

Qigong activates the vital energy routes of the body.

  • Thurs Nov 1st – Dec 6th
  • Wisdom Centre | Cork St, Dublin 8
  • 7.00 – 8.30pm
  • €95
Embrace the Tao

This 6 week course allows you to journey deeper into the Tao with like-minded others, gain mastery of the practices week by week and develop a routine to do at home yourself.

We follow the natural flow of the seasons ~ after the Yang of summer, comes the Yin of winter ~ the perfect time to delve into your Inner Universe. Many people find meditating in a group is a deeper experience and they feel more focus and energy.  

Each class is an hour and half long which gives you ample time to find your alignment in the structures of Iron Shirt Chi Kung and relax and heal your organs with the Inner Smile & Six Healing Sounds.

++ Plus ++ Try some Tao Yin, activate your Tan Tien ~ 3 Fires and more ++

Master Mantak Chia always says that the key is practice – “You do it, you get it!” During the course, you’ll be provided with tips and tools to establish or kick-start your own daily routine at home. Get inspired by other people who also do the practice. 

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Drop in also available – €20 – pay on the door. 

Venue – Wisdom Centre, part of Sophia Housing, 25 Cork St, Dublin 8.

It’s on the corner of Cork St and Ormond St, beside Weaver Park.

Facilitated by Máire Ní G, Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor, who has trained directly with Grandmaster Mantak Chia and organises his workshops here in Ireland. Máire teaches Mantak Chia’s Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Universal Healing Tao system.


086 3612102