Say Goodbye to Adrenal Fatigue

An easy to follow 9 day course that gets your energy and zest for life back. Pronto.

Remember a time when you didn’t need coffee and double chocolate brownies to get through the day?

Or when your brain wasn’t a weather pattern (heavy fog) and small tasks didn't seem like Everest to climb?

Have you noticed that you’ve more energy in the evenings while mornings are a total zombie-zone for you?

And no matter how much you sleep, you’re still hitting the wall?

Continuously frazzled?

Sounds like adrenal fatigue, my friend.

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Right now, so many people are exhausted, burnt out, kaput. The collective battery is flat. And the joy for life has been sucked right out. 

It’s not surprising really. We’ve had two years of ongoing stress and unpredictability. 

Plus working from home means the boundary between work and play is blurry. You’ve been over-working or super-parenting without enough support for your body and nervous system. It’s too much! 

You deserve to be back to yourself. And thriving! 

Luckily, Taoists have a very healthy obsession with the kidneys and adrenals - which hold your reserve energy, your vitality and helps you to live a long and healthy life. 

Taoists developed specific techniques to boost kidney Qi. Stress over a prolonged period of time leads to Kidney Qi deficiency and results in hormonal, emotional and energetic imbalance. The kidneys also regulate sexual Qi, so many people find that it impacts their libido too.

The good news? It’s all reversible and you can be your best self again, thanks to this 9 day course. You’ll be saying Ciao to adrenal fatigue and welcoming back:

Spontaneous feelings of happiness and finding joy in life, a U turn from the irritability and flat mood that dragged you down

Having the energy and enthusiasm to meet with friends, family and even work video calls that you once dreaded

Clarity for creativity, insights and deep thinking - which you need to keep your business moving forward 

When you understand the secret to how your energy works, you’ll be having a farewell party for adrenal fatigue - and it won’t be coming back.

Get more energy now!

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Here’s how you’ll get your energy back on track and start thriving again:

Short, easy to follow series of videos that won’t stress you out & busts adrenal fatigue - 1 video per day over 9 days

Qigong to boost your innate energy and vitality

Tao Yin (Taoist Yoga) to strengthen your spine, particularly your lumbar and the psoas muscle which improves your kidney and adrenal function

Meditations to regain emotional balance, build resiliency and calm your nervous system

Qi practices to charge your bio battery and make sure you don’t get burnt out again

Access to community support group where you can get your personal questions answered

Lifestyle Tips emailed to you daily


Lifetime access so you can rinse and repeat


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