Corporate Wellness

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We believe that health and happiness is innate to each of us. Our vision is to help people access their optimum health and vitality – on a physical, emotional and mental level. Ultimately, to live better lives at work and at home.


Investing in a culture of wellbeing for your staff can truly transform your business. By creating a desirable workplace with meaningful perks, your staff will not just be more motivated and productive, but happier and more dedicated to your team.


Wellness in the workplace is a shift away from knee-jerk reactions to illness and stress. It is a bigger picture approach, implementing pro-active solutions that have a long-lasting positive impact on the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of staff. A corporate wellness programme empowers people to make sustainable lifestyle choices and to feel supported and valued in their roles.


We deliver inspiring and engaging workshops/courses/talks tailored specifically for your company, whether you are a small, medium or large business. We provide quality tips, tools and self-care practices that can be easily integrated into the workplace environment.


Our packages are delivered by Máire Ní G who graduated from Trinity College Dublin with an Hons. health science degree. Máire has worked with the HSE and several private companies. She also worked internationally as a Training Consultant for a non-profit organisation. As a Taoist Instructor, Máire loves coaching people on wellness and teaching mindful movement and meditation to improve their health and zest for life.


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We look forward to bringing a whole new level of wellness to your team.


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