Dwell in Peace

A Taoist meditation series to find resilience in times of trauma.


It's normal to feel stressed, grief-stricken, worried in the face of a humanitarian crisis like war. That is the nature & tenderness of our humanity. 

We also experience our internal wars. This is arguably the greatest conflict.  

It really helps to turn inwards, to find a sense of being centred in meditation and your breath. 

I want to offer a FREE resource to you for whatever external or internal crises are affecting you. 

For the month of May, I'll hold a meditation series Dwell in Peace from 7:30am - 8:00am Irish & UK time. 

You'll learn to use Taoist practices to process & release emotions, to find harmony within and not be overpowered by events around you, whilst still remaining in a place of compassion.

We'll hold a collective intention of peace in our world, which I genuinely believe can make a difference. And the research backs that up.

As always the Tao offers a very practical approach - you'll feel centered and calm straight away, and come away with a renewed sense of safety and connection. 

I'll integrate my studies on Polyvagal Theory so you can understand how the vagus nerve impacts on your stress response.

Please share with anyone you think needs this resource right now. There’s no charge. 

Let’s Dwell in Peace. 

With heart,


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