Feminine Sexual Alchemy

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Feminine Sexual Alchemy

Feminine Sexual Alchemy is for women who would like to move from disconnection to intimacy in a safe, gentle way, with the trusted ancient wisdom of Taoist practices. This 6 week course will bring you into a transformative relationship with yourself, deeper intimacy with others and into dynamic connection with a higher, spiritual energy.  


In the Taoist tradition sexual energy is the roots of life – the foundation of our wellbeing. When you master your own energy, it is the gateway to vitality, rigorous health, emotional harmony, sexual aliveness and ultimately the key to one’s destiny. 


This is a beautiful path of self-discovery ~ a carefully crafted course to bring you the essence of the Tao. It offers you the potential for unlimited transformation. You will receive one Module per week over 6 weeks, nicely paced to allow you time for integration. Videos are a mix of practical exercises, theory and insights from years of experience and teaching. 


Máire is your teacher as you journey through the course, although ultimately all wisdom is within the cells and consciousness of your own body. Máire will guide you sensitively into the Taoist practice, bringing clarity and accessibility to the wonders of energy work. Follow the videos and repeat the practices to reinforce your foundation of learning. First we start by grounding and healing the physical body before later starting to work with potent sexual energy. 


MODULE 1: Connect To Your Internal Universe 

  • Develop a deep, loving relationship with yourself
  • Start to heal your body and raise your vitality with Qigong
  • Connect with your energetic centre 


MODULE 2: Back to Your Body Wisdom

  • Gain emotional balance through the Six Healing Sounds meditation
  • Learn to harness and channel energy/Qi in your body
  • Understand your nervous system and find out about trauma and Polyvagal Theory


MODULE 3: Harness Your Sexual Energy 

  • Learn Taoist Breast Massage for radiant breast health and to improve hormonal balance
  • Tone your PC muscle and rejuvenate your sexual organs
  • Condition your psoas muscle, releasing any deep held fears/trauma


MODULE 4: Pathway to Wisdom, Bliss & Vitality

  • Transform and heal your body with Ovarian Breathing practice
  • Nourish your brain, organs and glands with powerful sexual Qi
  • Access the creative/manifesting force within you


MODULE 5: Embracing Intimacy

  • Explore more of the Yin nature of your sexuality 
  • Reclaim your sexual birthright of expansive love and ascended experience
  • Jade Egg practice & exercises to improve sexual Qi


MODULE 6: Integration

  • Developing a daily practice 
  • Learn about your three Mysterious Gates and the pathway to Orgasm
  • Adapting the practice to various stages of your life-cycle


Máire is a Universal Healing Tao Instructor and has trained directly with Grandmaster Mantak Chia, working closely with him now. Having embraced the Feminine Sexual Alchemy practices, she experienced a huge transformation within herself and is dedicated to sharing this wisdom with other women. Máire has been part of a somatic movement process group and studied Polyvagal Theory and its relationship to trauma, which also informs her teaching. 


This is a lifetime access course and is suitable for all women, in any stage of life. You can watch the videos all in one go or in segments, which ever suits your lifestyle best. There are suggestions of home practices to do, journalling and lots of extra resources giving you a very complete experience.


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