Iron Shirt 1 & Tan Tien Chi Kung Workshop

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  • March 28th & 29th 2020
  • St Kevin’s Community Centre | Dublin 8
  • 10am – 5.30pm
  • €195
Iron Shirt 1 & Tan Tien Chi Kung

Iron Shirt Chi Kung (Qi Gong), once a martial art, is now a health practice that strengthens the internal organs, roots oneself solidly and unifies physical, mental and spiritual health. Join us for our 2-day workshop with Senior Instructor Olivier Barré.

☯ Iron Shirt 1 uses powerful rooting techniques to create structural alignment and allow energy to flow. With good posture and grounding, you can avoid the effects of tension that eventually deplete your body and mind.

☯ Iron Shirt Chi Kung also develops internal pressure – an important Taoist concept that allows the body to maintain its vitality and tone. Increasing internal pressure allows you to withstand the external pressure the world exerts on you – protecting yourself from stress and physical/mental tension. Internal pressure techniques are used to increase energy and blood flow – to regenerate, strengthen and protect the body. In this workshop, we focus specifically on the waist – known as the Chi Belt – as well as strengthening the organs and bones.

☯ Tan Tien Chi Kung is the art of cultivating and condensing chi in the lower abdomen – the tan tien – the fundamental power storehouse of the body. Known as the Ocean of Chi to the ancient Taoists, this lower abdominal area holds the key to opening the body and the mind for the free and continuous movement of chi. The tan tien  contains a large quantity of neurotransmitters, making it a key source of body intelligence. Tan Tien Chi Kung includes breathing and movement exercises to promote vitality and healing through the cultivation of chi in the tan tien and perineum areas.

☯ Qi Gong above all is a profound way to develop a connection with yourself – to embody your true sense of being centred, confident and in radiant health.

☯ This weekend workshop is suitable for beginners or for those who wish to deepen their practice. It is taught by the well renowned Senior Instructor Olivier Barré from France. Olivier has over 20 years experience with Universal Tao and assists Master Mantak Chia in transmitting the teachings in the Tao Garden in Thailand and at his workshops in France and Ireland. Olivier is also a practitioner of Chinese medicine using herbs, acupuncture and massage, integrating his extensive knowledge into how he teaches.

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