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Universal Healing Tao is a practical system of self-development – these ancient Chinese meditative and internal energy practices are more applicable than ever in our modern lives. With these practices you can learn to increase your life-force/vitality, release stress, improve health, balance your emotions and discover your true nature.


We are the leading centre for Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao practices in Ireland. We provide classes, workshops and certified trainings in the many branches of the Taoist arts – Qi Gong, meditation, sexual energy cultivation and Chi Nei Tsang. We also organise Grandmaster Mantak Chia’s visits to Ireland, where he transmits the ancient formulas of Inner Alchemy from a long lineage of Taoist masters to the Western world.

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“Fantastic course! I noticed a marked difference in my ability to overcome anxiety and an increased feeling of groundedness. Thank you very much!”

Jess, Qi Gong & Meditation classes

“There was so much knowledge and experience shared and the lighthearted and approachable teaching style was fabulous. Gorgeous venue (Gorse Hill). Great to be able to do so much practice outdoors – it really helped tune in to the earth energy. Thanks so much Máire and Olivier for a great weekend”

Jenny, Iron Shirt Qi Gong/Tao Yin @ Gorse Hill

“This was wonderful. I’ve felt so much less tired since it began. Also I feel as though I’m more connected to what’s going on inside my body. The Inner Smile meditation was my favourite. I’ve really enjoyed using some of the practices with my class and can see an instant calming effect on them. I’ve already recommended the course to friends. Thanks so much”

Katie, (Primary School Teacher) Qi Gong & Meditation classes

“Loved Máire’s Kuan Yin Retreat for women. The time and space in the country allowed for a deepening awareness of the senses, which in turn lead to a deepening feeling of my own sensuality. Máire is an intuitive, nurturing and inspiring teacher who brings out the greatness innate in each of us. Would highly recommend a retreat with Máire”

Dee Mc. Women’s Retreat, Co Mayo

“A lovely workshop, so warm and inviting, having never done it before I felt I learned lots and at a very comfortable and invigorating pace. Also some imbalance I had, where one knee always seemed shorter than the other, was corrected. Looking forward to the next workshop.”

Molly, Iron Shirt Qi Gong/Tao Yin @ Gorse Hill

“Máire has a really nice energy that is contagious and makes it easy to enjoy her classes. I would highly recommend her teaching as I feel this experience has forever changed my life for the better.”

Patrick, Qi Gong & Taoist Meditation


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