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The jade egg is a beautiful & sacred practice for women to access their deepest feminine essence and learn to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy.


The jade egg is a beautiful, sacred practice for women to access their deepest feminine essence and learn to transform sexual energy to spiritual energy.

History: Taoism, is well famed for it’s female adepts, and the prominence of the feminine both literally and symbolically is well documented throughout its history. The secret teachings of Taoist women, known as the Immortal Sisters, were closely guarded secrets for thousands of years, but thankfully this wisdom and knowledge is available to us now. The jade egg is one aspect of these practices, sometimes referred to as Sexual Kung Fu.

The Practice: Sexual energy is the nourishment of the totality of ourselves – body, mind and spirit. In the Taoist tradition sexual energy is much more than the act of sex, as it permeates all areas of our lives. It is the roots of life, influencing health, longevity and emotional wellbeing. It is also the energy that can create spiritual fulfillment, as it is a force that unifies with Source and creates harmony from opposites.

Sexual energy can be transformed into a more usable form of energy (Chi), which nourishes and revitalises the organs and glands. It can then be transformed to a higher-grade spiritual energy (Shen) to nourish our Soul and Spirit.

What are the Benefits? The jade egg has a myriad of benefits. On a physical level it tones the pelvic floor and PC muscle, also known as the Love Muscle! A strong PC muscle increases orgasmic ability and conserves chi/life force. Regular use of the jade egg helps to balance hormones and relieve symptoms of PMS or menopause. It can increase fertility and enhance your creative energy. The sexual reflexology points within your vagina or Jade Fountain (ancient Taoist term) are activated which stimulates the vitality of the organs. On an emotional level, it can help release past traumas and any negative sexual experiences. On a spiritual level, the jade egg connects you with Source and the sacred feminine within.

About our Jade Eggs: The eggs we sell are highest quality nephrite jade from Canada. They are hand-carved and come guaranteed that no chemicals or toxins are used in creating them. These jade eggs are a medium size and drilled, especially made for the Taoist practice. They are non-porous, making them hygienic and safe for intimate use. They are a dark green colour, which bestows the properties of deep yin vitality. Jade is also said to be a stone of self-realisation and awakens hidden inner knowledge. It bestows harmony and inner peace and has the power to manifest. Jade stimulates the kidneys and opens the heart.  



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