The Vitality Project

Move, meditate, eat.


Get the benefits of 5 Elements living and maximise your energy.

Did you know that the seasons influence your energy and emotions?

And that certain foods are optimal for your health and organs at different times of the year?

We’re all about this kind of ancient Taoist knowledge at The Vitality Project. Plus we loooove great food.

The Vitality Project is a morning of qigong & Taoist practices. You’ll also get to enjoy an intentional tea ceremony followed by a delicious, seasonal 3 course lunch at The Fumbally Stables, cooked by Ffion Thomas.

We'll be in the late summer season in August, which is the Earth element. The organs related to Earth are the spleen and stomach so this is a great workshop for digestive health, building concentration and clarity.

If you’re a worrier or have low level anxiety - strengthening your spleen/stomach Qi will make the world of difference to your mental health and sense of inner calm.

Included in this workshop:


Qigong for digestion

Taoist practice to feel more grounded and rooted

Energy meditations for clarity, concentration & to wipe away worry

Tea Ceremony with wild-crafted herbs

Delicious 3 course seasonal lunch cooked with  5 element wisdom

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Máire & Ffion

The Vitality Project


Date: Sunday August 7th 

Time: 10am - 2:30pm 

Venue: Fumbally Stables, Dublin 

Please note booking closes at midnight on Friday 5th because we buy fresh, local produce at the market on Saturday morning!

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