Tok Sen - Internal Tendon Massage

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  • June 26th – 28th 2020
  • Central Hotel | Dublin
  • 9.30am – 6pm
  • €300
Tok Sen - Muscle, Tendon & Meridian Massage

Tok Sen is a unique healing technique found in the Chiang Mai region of Northern Thailand and translates as “dissolving of energy lines”. It is a technique to clear blocked energy using mechanical tools and sound vibration, working deeply through the fascia and muscles. Tok Sen dates back over 5000 years and is an energetic healing technique still practiced in country areas. In the Universal Healing Tao system it is known as Chi Nei Tsang 3.


Tok Sen helps to improve energy flow and relieves aching muscles. By tapping the body using the wooden hammer and pestles, vibrations are sent through the nerves, muscles, and fascia to treat muscle and tendon tension.  When done correctly, they make the tendons and muscles feel more alive as they become repaired and rejuvenated. It is not just the tapping that is important, but also the tempo that is used. It is a powerful treatment that can also ilicit emotional release.


Teacher: Natasa Kovac is a certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor and practitioner and teacher of Chi Nei Tsang I, II and III (Tok Sen). Natasa is from Slovenia, living in Belgium. She teaches Tok Sen all over Europe and assists Master Mantak Chia in Tao Garden in teaching Tok Sen to new students.


How to become certified in CNT 3 (Tok Sen):

After taking CNT 3 (Tok Sen) course you will be able to complete 60 case studies – 5 sessions each with 12 people (within 2 years). In these five sessions, you will apply the different techniques that you’ve learned in the CNT 3 course. On completion of your case studies, you will be required to repeat the CNT 3 course. During this training you will be evaluated to be certified as a CNT 3 Practitioner. Please note it is not necessary to complete CNT 1 or 2 before doing CNT 3 – they are different courses, not necessarily in sequential order. We will cover some of CNT 1 belly massage techniques during Tok Sen workshop. If you’ve any questions, please email or


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