Join us on the path to vitality


All of our workshops follow the Universal Healing Tao system taught by Mantak Chia, following a direct lineage of Taoist Masters. Whatever you need, whether it’s increasing your energy, learning how to harness your sexual chi or up-skilling with our certified training courses. We can help you attain it.


Grandmaster Mantak Chia teaches the Tao on his online Global Seminars. This offers you a unique opportunity to train and learn from a living Tao Master. Open to beginners.


Chi Nei Tsang is a Taoist abdominal massage used to release stress and detox the organs. This training is taught by Senior Instructor Jutta Kellenberger, head of Chi Nei Tsang branch of Universal Tao.


Once a martial art, Iron Shirt Chi Kung is now a health practice for vitality and strength.


Tao Yin creates harmony of body and mind. It is excellent for conditioning the spine and the psoas muscle. It develops flexibility, strength, resiliency and suppleness. It’s an energy enlivening practice.

The Vitality Project

Chi Kung, Taoist practices, tea ceremony, nourishing brunch in community with others. Vitality is our most natural state of being. Health is a priority, not an afterthought. Join our series of workshops.

Sexual Alchemy

This women’s workshop shares Taoist sexual alchemy secrets –  a wonderful practice to improve vitality, sexual chi and embrace feminine essence. It is a path of self-healing and personal discovery.

Associate Instructor Training

Our very own Universal Tao Instructor training in Ireland. An intensive retreat in beautiful Co Wicklow to deepen your practice or learn to share with it with others. Learn, master, teach!

Back to the Body Wisdom

The Tao allows you to create harmony in your life and culitvate life-force. Learn ways to reduce stress and manage emotions for a happier life. It’s easier than you think!

Healing Love & Bone Marrow Nei Kung

Taoist sexual energy techniques to strengthen your body, mind & spirit. A two part workshop. Learn ways to rejuvenate the marrow of your bones and nourish the blood, giving tremendous power.

Inner Alchemy Astrology

Practical techniques for controlling your destiny. Learn how to interpret your Taoist birth chart & the unique combination of 5 elements underlying your personality, health and success.

Fusion of the Five Elements 1

Advanced meditations for transforming negative emotions. Become an emotionally balanced and strong person, advance yourself spiritually by connecting to the tremendous energy of the Universe.

Tok Sen - Internal Tendon Massage

Learn how to use wooden tools to clear blocked energies by working deeply through the fascia and muscles. Tok Sen improves energy flow and relieves aching muscles.