Body Wisdom

Learn from Source

  • October 14th 2018
  • Rathmines Collective
  • 3pm – 5.30pm
  • €35 / €30
Body Wisdom Workshop
Your body holds innate wisdom and is inherently healthy. That is your natural way ~ a life of vitality.
However, our modern world offers us a platter of stress, poor lifestyle habits and environmental toxicity that can impede our vitality. Stagnation of chi/life force causes imbalance and an excess of negative emotions. Taoist practices from ancient China aim to reverse this.
The Tao is simple, yet complete. It brings you back to your Body Wisdom. In this workshop, you’ll learn effective Qi Gong exercises to cultivate your life- force and feel more energised. Tune into your Internal Universe with meditations of the Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds. These help to boost your organ health, find emotional balance and a deep sense of calm within.
Everyone is welcome to this workshop ~ beginners, those who have never heard of the Tao and those who wish to deepen their practice.

A daily routine of Taoist meditation and practices will help you to feel your innate happiness and joy, allow you to tap into your inner wisdom and generate enough chi/life force to heal your body and radiate vitality.


Facilitated by Máire Ní G, Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor. Máire has trained directly with Grandmaster Mantak Chia in the Tao Garden and organises his workshops here in Ireland.


Ph: 086 361 2102