Chi Nei Tsang Training
Taught by Aisha Sieburth, Universal Healing Tao Senior Instructor
  • 9th – 14th June 2018
  • The Fumbally Stables // D.8
  • 9.30am – 5.30pm
  • €595

What is Chi Nei Tsang?
Chi Nei Tsang is a Chinese term that means “working the internal energy of the organs” using Chi (vital force), to eliminate stress and promote healing. The practitioner uses different massage techniques specially developed for treating the abdominal region, where stress, tensions and negative emotions accumulate on the navel and cause congestion. This part of the body is referred to as the “second brain” in Taoist philosophy as it is the vital energy centre called the Dan Tien. When this region is knotted, the body’s energy stagnates and all functions that depend on vital energy decrease, causing organ weakness and loss of energy. Chi Nei Tsang detoxifies and revitalises this major energy centre thus restoring the self-healing process of the body to return to optimal health and well-being.

For over 2000 years, Taoist practitioners have observed that emotions are closely linked with the organs and can cause significant damage if untreated affecting our physical, mental and spiritual health. Negative emotions accumulated in the body can cause imbalances and diseases in the long run. Learning to transform the energy of negative emotions into positive energy/emotions is an important part of cleaning, balancing and harmonising the organs using meditation and energy touch.

The benefits of Chi Nei Tsang as a learning tool allow one to recharge energy independently. Associated with the basic practice of Qi Gong and Nei Gong meditation, applying anti-stress self-massage is an essential complement to support the dynamic of change that can be brought to one’s life. Many conditions can be treated with Chi Nei Tsang including: depression, nervous tension, low back pain, digestive disorders, impotence, painful periods, infertility, eczema, joint pain, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune, fatigue disorders.


The Training
In conjunction with Universal Healing Tao Qi Gong and Inner Alchemy courses, this 6 day Chi Nei Tsang training course initiates you to the manual techniques and energy touch of the abdomen in synergy with the 5 elements. Here you will learn to work on the anatomical, psychic and energetic structures of the organs in a complete and powerful approach that awakens an integrated process of self-healing.

Practitioners are trained primarily in Qi Gong, a practice that cultivates vital energy, opens the body’s consciousness and develops the capacity for feeling, intuition and concentration. By approaching “silence”, the practitioner deepens his/her presence and his/her quality of listening. It connects with the natural sources of healing energy according to ancient Chinese tradition to better integrate and feel the techniques of massage.

Course Material

  • Self-massage and partner practice for daily self- care and family care
  • Clinical medical applications for therapists
  • Manual techniques for detoxifying and revitalizing the 5 organs and viscera: Spleen, Lung, Kidneys, Liver, Heart, Stomach, Large Intestine, Bladder/Sexual Organs, Gall Bladder, Small Intestine
  • Manual techniques for aligning structure, relieving back pain, sciatic nerve pain, psoas, lumbar plexus, respiratory diaphragms, and digestive systems
  • Energy techniques for opening the navel roots and 9 wind gates

This Training Workshop can be followed individually to discover or deepen self-healing tools. It also prepares for Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner Certification upon completion of 100 case studies presented during a 2nd workshop.