Fusion of the Five Elements 1

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  • March 6th – 8th 2020
  • The Vintage Teapot | Dublin 1
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  • €250
Fusion of the Five Elements 1
Fusion of the Five Elements marks the beginning of Taoist Inner Alchemy practice – a powerful meditation in which you gain control of the energies in your inner universe so that a connection can be made to the tremendous energy of the universe beyond the body. This energy is useful for self-healing, living effectively and harmoniously in your daily life and in advancing spiritually.
Fusion of the Five Elements practice begins with understanding the dynamics of the universe, the planet Earth and the human body and its inter-relationship with the five elements of nature. During this process the life-force energy found in the organs, glands and senses is transformed, purified, condensed and combined with the Universal Force. This new form of energy effects changes in the human body.
The Fusion practice contains 9 Formulas.  In this workshop the first five formulas are revealed.
Formula 1: Forming the Pakuas; Blending Energy and Forming the Pearl at the centre of Control
Formula 2 : Balancing the Organ Energy to Experience Inner Peace and Harmony
Formula 3 : Connecting the Senses with the Organs; Self-Control of the Senses; Sealing the Openings; Overcoming Temptations
Formula 4: Transforming the Negative Emotions of each Organ into Useful Energy
Formula 5 : Creating the Pearl that forms the Energy Body and the First Transference of Consciousness
This is a step by step method to purify yourself and improve your own inner force, leading to self-mastery.
Teacher: Julius Masarovic is a Senior Instructor and the founder of Universal Healing Tao school in Slovakia. He has taught many students from Slovakia and around the world, sharing his precise understanding of the Taoist teachings. He has a background in bio-physics and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Julius likes to integrate the new knowledge offered by science with the ancient wisdom of the Tao.
Fri March 6th: 6.30pm – 9pm
Sat March 7th: 9.15am – 5:30pm 
Sun March 8th: 9.15am – 5.30pm
Early booking advised. Places are limited.

Ph: +353 86 361 2102