Healing Love & Bone Marrow Nei Kung
Sexual Energy Workshop
  • Nov 9th – 11th 2019
  • Dublin City Centre TBC
  • 10am – 6.30pm
  • €195/ €295

Sexual energy is the nourishment of the totality of ourselves – body, mind and spirit. In the Taoist tradition sexual energy is much more than the act of sex, as it permeates all areas of our lives. It is the roots of life, influencing health, longevity and emotional wellbeing. It is also the energy that can create spiritual fulfillment, as it is a force that unifies with Source and creates harmony from opposites.

Through Taoist cultivation of sexual energy techniques, one produces potent sexual hormones which can slow the aging process. Sexual energy can be harnessed to boost the health and vigour of the sexual organs and the vital organs and glands. Men can learn to control their ejaculation and women to control their menstrual cycle and reduce PMS. Both can become multi-orgasmic and experience greater pleasure when making love.

Sexual energy is derived from the best of the best energy within – it is the condensation of all the body’s energy. It is extremely useful to understand and know how to harness and cultivate this life-giving energy for your own healing and inner development.

At our Healing Love weekend (9th & 10th Nov), you will learn:

· Ovarian and testicle breathing

· Ovarian and testicle compression

· Deer exercises for men and women

· Orgasmic upward draw (for whole body orgasm)

· Yin-Yang energy exchange

This workshop is open to all, beginners are welcome. We recommend to be familiar with the foundation practices (Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit) – join our Back to the Body workshop.

The teachings are shared in a sensitive and safe manner, with good heart, good chi and good intention – in the time honoured tradition of a long lineage of Taoist masters. Please note, the workshop is fully clothes and there is no couple work involved. Open to singles and couples of any sexual orientation.


Bone Marrow Nei Kung is the second part of this workshop and takes place on Monday Nov 11th. It’s also known as Iron Shirt Chi Kung 3 is a way to improve your health by rejuvenating the bone marrow, which nourishes the blood and life-force. Nei Kung means practicing with internal power and here we get into some deep transformative practices which also incorporates the breath. It can generate tremendous amounts of chi and complements the sexual energy practices just learned.


You will learn:

  • Bone Breathing & Bone Compression –  to energise your bones and the living marrow within
  • Sexual Energy Massage (of oneself) – to release Jing which can then be absorbed by the bones
  • Hitting & Packing techniques – to store energy in the bones
  • Chi Weight Lifting – strengthen your sexual organs and draw this life essence upwards to the higher centres


Useful Equipment:

  • One of the following – Bamboo Hitter/Steel Hitter/Mung Bean Hitter (you can make a mung bean hitter yourself by putting beans into a cotton sock)
  • WOMEN: Jade Egg
  • MEN: Silk cloth (approx 125cm x 16cm)
  • Weight with a hole (for lifting/ not mandatory) or a bottle of water


The Bone Marrow Nei Kung workshop is on Monday 11th Nov. Open to all. We recommend to have knowledge of Tao Foundations, Iron Shirt and Healing Love. Email if you have any queries.


Facilitated by Olivier Barré, (Senior Universal Tao Instructor from France) and Máire Ní G, (Certified Universal Tao Instructor); both of whom have trained directly with Grandmaster Mantak Chia in the Tao Garden in Thailand.



Ph: 086 3612102