Jade Egg Workshop

Learn from Source

  • January 4th – 6th 2019
  • Central Hotel | Dublin 2
  • Fri 7pm – Sun 5.30pm
  • €239
Yin Way - Jade Egg Workshop

In this weekend workshop you’ll learn ancient Taoist practices of Feminine Alchemy to access your inner wisdom, nurture your deep Yin nature and honour your sacred sexuality. It is a path of self-love, personal discovery and transformation. This is a great start to a New Year – a New You and it takes place on the weekend of Nollaig na mBan – an old Irish tradition which honours women.


The Jade Egg practice was a closely guarded secret by the queens and concubines of the courts of ancient China. Many women who mastered the practice experienced great health, remaining young and bountiful into their elder years. These practices offer inner rejuvenation and spiritual advancement.


Here are just some of the possible benefits of the jade egg as part of a complete Taoist practice:
• Vitality of physical health
• Emotional balance
• Rejuvenation/youthfulness
• Access to your higher spiritual energy
• Longer, healthier life
• Enhanced creativity
• Hormonal balance
• Radiance and inner beauty
• Enhanced sexual energy/pleasure
• Promotes healing


This workshop is rooted in the foundations of the Universal Tao practices – includes Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, Iron Shirt Qi Gong – which gives a solid grounding to explore and transform sexual energy into a more purified form of spiritual energy – which then enhances chi/life force and enlivens your spirit.


Jade itself is used as a stone because it’s properties are very gentle and healing. It is connected to the kidneys, which regulate our sexual energy and jade is also said to bring harmony to the heart. Energetically it enlivens dreams and awakens hidden inner knowledge. Spiritually, Jade encourages self-realisation. Jade has been traditionally revered as a scared stone in many cultures around the world, including ancient China. You can purchase a jade egg at the workshop or get one beforehand at our shop.


All women are welcome to attend this workshop, it is suitable for beginners and for those who wish to deepen their practice.


The workshop is facilitated by Máire Ní G – a Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor. Máire trained directly with Grandmaster Mantak Chia in the Tao Garden in Thailand and is dedicated to transmitting these teachings, with gratitude and honour to a long lineage of Taoist Masters.



Ph: 086 3612102