The Vitality Project

Qigong is great for activating the vital energy routes of the body.

  • Sundays (Seasonal)
  • Fumbally Stables, Dublin 8
  • 10.30am – 2.30pm
  • €65
The Vitality Project

We believe that vitality is our most natural state of being. Vitality is a spring-board to the best version of ourselves. Health is a priority, not an after-thought.


With the right knowledge and practices you can unleash your potential for vibrant health. The Vitality Project brings back the wisdom of nature’s seasons and cycles and how that relates to your own internal eco-system. It is a whole-hearted affair with a community of like-minded others.


If you’ve been feeling tired, depleted, burnt out and are sick of the status quo of waking up with a hangover on Sunday mornings, then join our health revolution. Capitalise on your weekends to do something empowering for how you return to your working week. Hit the reset button with  energy cultivating practices and a nourishing brunch.


We can teach you ways to establish a solid, simple self-care practice. Our workshop begins with Chi Kung (Qi Gong) ~ a movement practice in the ancient Taoist tradition. It’s sometimes referred to as acupuncture without needles, which lets face it, is more cost-effective to do yourself!


You will get to experience meditations, like the Inner Smile, which will leave you feeling lighter, happier and more connected to yourself. Enjoy other health boosting practices like abdominal massage, which is great to release stress, improve digestion and improve your overall energy flow. Relax into a Yin meditation that restores you at a cellular level.


In the midst of this goodness we will have a special Tea Ceremony with medicinal herbs that have a healing benefit. And then we finish by sharing an amazing 3 course lunch together packed with seasonal produce from McNally’s Farm and other local producers. Free recipes included – get inspired to recreate in your own kitchen! Sharing food is what builds our community, enjoying a nutritional feast and chatting to new, interesting people feeds our soul.


The Vitality Project offers you a more natural way of living, understanding how the seasons impact on your health and wellbeing. The meditations we do, Chi Kung practices and the food we serve you all reflect this age-old knowledge. This approach allows you to take full control of your own health and ultimately your life.


Vitality is an inside job. You’ve got this one.


Book Below. Discounted rate if booking all five events in our series. Each workshop is in tune with the season and we use the Taoist 5 elements theory.

Concessions are available for students/unwaged on any event, bring ID – 10% off. Use the code: CONC10.


The Vitality Project is curated by Máire Ní G and Ffion Thomas.


Máire Ní G is a Universal Healing Tao Instructor. She trained directly with Grandmaster Mantak Chia and organises his workshops here in Ireland. Máire teaches Tao Yin, Chi Kung, energy cultivation practices (Tao basics) and ‘Healing Love’ sexual energy practices. Máire has experienced huge shifts of energy and personal transformation through the Tao. She is passionate about sharing these well preserved ancient practices with others so that they may benefit too.


Ffion is the cook for The Vitality Project. Her interest in the connection between what we consume and our wellbeing began during her undergraduate studies in Health & Society in 2012. Since then she has worked as the baker for The Fumbally Cafe and caters for wellness retreats and workshops on an ongoing basis. Ffion is passionate about creating and serving up vibrant, plant-based foods that look and taste great. She believes that it’s really important to use as much seasonal and local produce as possible to ensure food of the highest quality for those who attend our events.