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Chi Nei Tsang Certification Training

Taoist Abdominal Massage - the medical massage that gets to the root of issues

Have you ever had a massage and been told they don’t massage the belly area because there’s too much emotion held there? Well ancient Taoists knew that’s exactly where you most need a massage.

Your belly can feel like a vulnerable area. Rarely touched or exposed.

It’s your body’s HQ - not only does it hold all of your digestive organs, it also has a dense supply of nerves and blood vessels.

Unfortunately it becomes a dumping ground for excess toxins, emotions and it needs some visceral manipulation to release this.

In the West, the gut is known as the second brain and Taoists regard it as the centre of your inner universe. They call it the Tan Tien.

The whole energy of the body is connected to this area and if it’s knotted up, or holds tension - your body’s energy system becomes blocked.

When this occurs, all the vital energy functions become strained - slowly weakening the internal organs, decreasing energy and causing pain, illness or health complications throughout your body.

Chi Nei Tsang helps to regain good internal structure and to release stuck energy, creating vitality and wellness in the body’s integrated systems.


About Chi Nei Tsang

In this Chi Nei Tsang I workshop, you’ll learn massage methods to loosen the abdomen and release tension in the organs.

Some techniques you’ll learn:

Navel diagnosis : you can tell a lot about the state of the organs from the shape and texture of the navel

Skin detoxification :: releasing toxins from the largest elimination organ of your body

Releasing knots and tangles from the small & large intestine

Liver detox

Balancing the organ pulses

Opening the wind gates

Diaphragm release

Lymphatic massage

Releasing the psoas muscle

In addition to improving overall health and vitality, Chi Nei Tsang I Massage can help with:

Digestive problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and constipation

Detox through elimination of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract and promoting lymphatic drainage

Releasing various pain and tension including neck and related headache pain and lower back pain or issues with the sciatic nerve

Alleviating asthma symptoms

Improving circulation and cardiovascular health

Women’s health conditions including endometriosis and menstrual problems

Men’s health conditions including infertility and impotence

Benefits you’ll experience during the workshop:

Confidence in giving effective massage techniques that you can use to help yourself and family/friends immediately

Empowered by the Eastern preventative medicine approach

Powerful detox for your body – because you’ll practice the massage techniques on each other throughout the workshop, you’ll receive the benefits of Chi Nei Tsang massage yourself

As a result, you may experience: increased energy and positivity, pain relief, stress relief, a release of negative emotions or experiences and a stronger connection to spirituality

Many people who do the Chi Nei Tsang training say that it’s one of the best ways to look after their own health and emotions. 4 days of multiple treatments will do a lot for your energy system.


Who is Chi Nei Tsang course for?

Tao students/practitioners

Massage therapists/body workers

Anyone who wants to take control of their own health

Anyone who’d like simple tools to help family, friends and clients

Your Teacher

Jutta Kellenberger-Reichert

The course is facilitated by Senior Instructor Jutta Kellenberger-Reichert who is the Global Branch Leader of Chi Nei Tsang in the Universal Healing Tao System. She guides and manages how the abdominal massage is taught and practiced around the world - we’re delighted to have such an esteemed teacher with us.


At the end of this CNT workshop, you can begin collecting your case studies. Jutta will talk you through how to complete the case study form at the workshop and give you guidance on starting your first sessions.

You can get certified once you’ve completed your case studies and the prerequisite learning hours. There’s also a practical exam where you give Jutta/Senior CNT Instructor a treatment and answer some questions.

We pride ourselves on the thoroughness of certification - knowing that you’ll come away as an accomplished practitioner that can help create real results in the lives of others.

CNT 1 Training Course


4 days

To book your place, just pay a €100 deposit and pay the remainder at the start of the course.

Dates: June 23rd - 26th

Times: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Venue: Irishtown Gospel Hall & Chapel of Ease, 57 Irishtown Rd, Dublin 4, Ireland

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