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Element of wood - Energy Rising

In olden times Taoists observed nature and identified five basic patterns of energy in the external universe, correlating to our internal universe. They organised these into the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each element relates to a season, organ, emotions, sense organ, taste, temperature, sound, colour and a direction! These patterns serve as a very useful guide. They can be used to balance one’s health and harmonise with the energy of nature’s cycles and seasons.

The Vitality Project is based on this 5 Element theory and our first workshop on Sunday April 7th focuses on the element of Wood. Its season is Spring – think of the sap rising up a tree and this is the energy of wood. New beginnings, fresh energy.

The wood organs are liver and gallbladder. This means that the energy of these organs are at their peak at this time. By focusing on the health of your liver in Spring, you can create balance and good health for your whole body as well as providing a solid foundation of wellness for the summer.

Let’s learn a little more about the liver and why it’s so important. Most people understand that it plays a vital role in detoxing the body from substances like alcohol. But primarily the liver’s function is to smooth out the flow of blood and chi (life-force). It’s also responsible for our emotions to flow smoothly – it can be an indication that your liver is not functioning well if you suffer from mood swings and irritability. The liver is the organ most affected by stress and emotions so it plays a key role in life satisfaction.

The liver is said to open to the eyes and so issues with the eyes, like itchiness or dryness can be liver-related. The tendons are also governed by the liver in Chinese medicine. Chi Kung practices place more emphasis on developing tendon strength rather than muscle strength. Think how agile a deer is compared to a muscly buffalo.

Learn ways to care for your liver, relieve some of the stress it endures and kick-start it into full health by joining The Vitality Project. We’ll guide you through Chi Kung (Qi Gong), meditation, tendon exercises and self-massage. We’ll also have a tea ceremony with medicinal, wild-crafted herbs from Co. Wicklow that support your liver health. Followed by a community brunch – a feast of nutritious foods shared with lovely people. It will taste amazing and yes, it will also be beneficial for your liver and gallbladder!

We’ve curated this wonderful event for you from a place of real passion and heart.

You just need to show up. For yourself.


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