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Healing Love : Sexual Alchemy

Imagine having access to an energy that is powerful enough to bestow life! Imagine using that energy to enhance your own life – in your relationships, your work, your creative projects. Well you can. Through Taoist practices, known as Healing Love or Sexual Alchemy you can harness the life-giving force that is sexual energy.

When the sexual current is drawn up the spine through the Microcosmic Orbit, it literally ‘gives birth’ by spreading vitality to the organs and nourishing your brain. Many people feel an increased sense of confidence and a surge of creative power from doing the Healing Love practice.

Because it stimulates the production of sexual hormones, it also has an anti-aging effect – known as the elixir of youth. Sex itself is a biological affair and so when the release of sex hormones are triggered, it improves the quality of love-making. It is even said that those couples wishing to conceive have stronger sexual chi for fertilisation and give birth to healthier offspring.

In our modern society, much of this knowledge has not been available to us until now and so sexual energy is predominately wasted through ejaculation (for men) or menstruation (for women). Wasting sexual energy leads to loss of vitality, deterioration in health and the onset of ageing. With Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao practices you can learn to recycle the energy and conserve it to enhance all aspects of your life.

With good chi,

Bringing the Tao to Ireland

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