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Open Your Microcosmic Orbit

Hi there folks,

There’s a surge of energy with the change of seasons. The ancient Taoist masters followed the surge of energy within the body and discovered a flowing current of energy or chi. They said it flows in fixed patterns and replenishes our life force.

Modern science confirms this to be an electromagnetic current. Taoists called the route of energy flow through the two main channels of the body the Microcosmic Orbit. These channels are like two rivers with many tributaries running off it. They form a loop. Energy pumped through the microcosmic orbit naturally nourishes the organs and glands via these tributaries/channels, thereby enhancing one’s health. Master Mantak Chia refers to it as “rebirth of the self”.

By practicing the microcosmic orbit, you focus and direct your internal energy which makes your chi/energy flow more efficient – we’re talking more internal mileage. Gone is the scattered, tired feeling – welcome health, vitality and vigour.

And isn’t it interesting to think of the orbits in the world we live in from the micro to the macro – the orbit in our cells on an atomic level as well as the orbits present in our majestic galaxy. We are indeed a reflection of nature and the Universe. Makes sense to be in harmony with that flow.

You can find out how to open the points of your microcosmic orbit and experience the benefits at Master Mantak Chia‘s workshops in Dublin May 18th – 22nd 2018.

Book your place here.

With good chi,

Bringing the Tao to Ireland


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