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Tao Yin - Love Your Spine

Tao Yin is an energy-enlivening exercise that originates from Taoism, China’s oldest philosophical system. Taoism in essence is about the harmony of humans and nature. There is no separation between our physical. emotional, psychological and spiritual selves. Tao Yin is an internal art, a very effective way to cultivate the energy of body, mind and spirit.

Tao Yin develops flexibility, strength, resiliency and suppleness of the spine. The Tao refers to the spine as the Tree of Life. You are as young as your spine and its movement. Tao Yin exercises condition the spine – opening it, repatterning the movement to release a flush of chi/energy/vitality that nourishes the spinal cord and your entire system.

Tao Yin improves elasticity of the tendons and psoas muscle, which offers a new quality of movement – one that embodies ease and a renewed sense of vigour. I’m always impressed with the lightness of my body, coupled with the feeling of deep internal power after a Tao Yin session. It doesn’t take long to notice the shifts, as the exercises are very well targeted. I’d heard about the psoas muscle before, but until I tried Tao Yin I didn’t know how to activate it. Its the strongest flexor of the hip and with Tao Yin practice I’ve found its leverage power has increased massively.

Tao Yin translates as “energy directing” or directing chi using mind-eye-heart power. You learn to develop conscious awareness of your inner structure, its anatomical features and sense where blockages or tensions have built up. Using very specific exercises you can improve your ability to rotate the spine and isolate the movements of the lumbar vertebrae. With these movements, breath and your intention you can dissolve any habitual holdings and facilitate the free flow of energy in your system. Plus reap the rewards.

A simple 15 minute morning routine of Tao Yin will make a big difference to your day.

Learn to Love Your Spine at our Tao Yin workshops.


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