Health and Happiness. Now what's more important than that? 

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Smiling is the key to your health

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Helping you ::

Release stress

Activate your vagus nerve

Boost your mood - releases ‘feel good’ hormones

Gives you more vitality

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Sometimes little changes make the biggest difference

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Do this on yourself for ROBUST health!

Here’s 4 key benefits ::

Improves digestion & elimination

Relieves stress

Boosts immunity

Gives you more energy

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Having more vitality and being genuinely laugh-out-loud happy is easier than you think. 

Stress doesn't have to be your MO. 

Yes, we’re in a health crisis. Yes, there’s more mental & emotional fragility than ever before. 

No, you don’t have to be a shadow of yourself.

Yes, there’s another Way. 

Sadly, our Western health system is flawed and does little in terms of prevention or integrating physical-emotional wellbeing. You cannot approach your health in isolation. You cannot achieve fitness through pain. You cannot sustain love and happiness from external sources alone. 

When you understand the Taoist approach of how to work with energy, your relationship with yourself and your health will never be the same again.

If you’re looking to improve your vitality and your mood in the shortest time possible, this is a great place to start. 

The results are immediate, the rewards are lifelong. 

Looking for a roadmap to deal with anything life throws your way? 


Discover how to:

Strengthen your nervous system so that you feel resilient in times of pressure

Release ongoing and chronic stress. For good. 

Sharpen your mental faculties so that you have more clarity for decision making

Improve your mood - learn to let go of daily emotions so they don't wear you down


Dramatically increase your energy levels, so you feel 10 years younger



Feel calm in the middle of chaos at home or work






Improved relationships - when you work on yourself, it gets easier navigating life with others too

Age gracefully - with youthfulness and flexibility of body and mind 

The practices are simple, yet incredibly effective and they're super easy to integrate into a modern busy lifestyle.

Just a few minutes of Taoist practice a day will get you incredible results!

The people around you will notice a difference straight away and comment on the change in you. Get ready for compliments like, "You're glowing!", "You're calmer these days", "You look amazing. What's your secret?"

I don't want this to be a secret. Shout it from the rooftops and jump into a lifestyle of good health, happiness and the easy way of living.

Here’s what you Get:


Boost in energy levels and vitality through energy practices like Qigong & Tao Yin (Taoist Yoga) - a natural antidote to feeling low in energy, adrenal fatigue and energy blockages

Emotional stability through Meditations like the Inner Smile & Six Healing Sounds, helping you to overcome anxiety, depression, grief etc. This has been described as the most useful and effective method for managing emotions and leading a happy life. 

Develop a limitless Relationship of Self-love and Gratitude that positively affects your self-worth, lifestyle choices and overall well being. Life flows easily when you connect with your Internal Universe!

An exceptional Way of Living - where health and energy improves as you age, becoming stronger physically and emotionally. A path that encourages your wisdom, intuition and spirit to evolve.

Say Goodbye to Adrenal Fatigue - 9 Day course

Short, easy to follow series of videos that won’t stress you out & busts adrenal fatigue

1 video per day over 9 days

Qigong to boost your innate energy and vitality (Video + Live class)

Tao Yin (Taoist Yoga) to strengthen your spine, particularly your lumbar and the psoas muscle which improves your kidney and adrenal function (Video + Live class)

Meditations to regain emotional balance, build resiliency and calm your nervous system

Qi practices to charge your bio battery and make sure you don’t get burnt out again

2 x Live Q&A sessions

Lifestyle Tips emailed to you daily

Lifetime access so you can rinse and repeat

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What People Are Saying

Máire is a great teacher, gentle and available . From the first moment I met her my impression was we already knew each other. The Universal Tao way is very simple but so complete and never-ending knowledge. I understand myself and others better now, I’m less emotionally reactive and feel more love, joy & happiness”

- Maialen Larrañaga, Spain

“I started the Taoist practices because I wanted to focus more on myself. I felt like life was passing me by, I was too busy. I became aware of my body and how to create less stress in it. I can now deal with my emotions better, especially anger. I absolutely recommend these classes to all my family and friends. Do it! It will change your life.”

- Yvonne Collier, Ireland 

Máire is a very gifted and intuitive teacher. Her classes are both at ease and very structured. She generously shares Taoist practices, her own experience and how to integrate practices into a modern, busy life. An absolute gem! Since starting the classes I’ve become fitter, I have clearer thinking & I get less frustrated or overwhelmed” 

- Svetlana Kosacheva, Russia

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Sometimes little changes make the biggest difference

Get Taoist Tips & Insights