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Chi Nei Tsang - Taoist Abdominal Massage

Have you ever been for a massage and it’s been said to you that the treatment doesn’t include massage of the belly because too many emotions are stored there?! Well, that’s exactly where Chi Nei Tsang focuses! From the abdomen one can release any congestion, obstructions and blockage of emotions or energy flow, which has a vast impact on one’s overall health.

Chi Nei Tsang translates as ‘Internal Organs Chi Massage’. Chi means Energy or Life Force, similar to Prana in the yogic tradition. Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) was used by ancient Taoist sages who understood the importance of organ health. The organs hold physical space and form, providing structure to the body. They are said to contain life-force and the essences of spiritual energy. There is an inextricable link between the organs and emotions. In the West, people are familiar with feeling love and happiness in the heart. In the Tao, there is a concept of yin and yang – positive and negative – so on the flip side we can also feel hatred, arrogance and impatience in the heart. Taoists attributed virtues and emotions to each of the organs. Thus our emotional stability is affected by our organ health and vice versa.

When stress prevails, the abdomen can become a common dumping ground for excess negative emotions and toxic energy. This causes a negative cycle of ill-health,

sluggishness and a loss of vitality. The Taoist tradition emphasises the importance of the Tan Tien – the energy centre located around the navel – our first connection to the world. Chi Nei Tsang detoxes and revitalises this essential energy centre. Direct massage of the organs/organ pressure points and the abdomen and navel can alleviate the debilitating effects of stress, increase vitality, balance emotions and improve immunity and health.

Chi Nei Tsang is a powerful, unique treatment that gets to the core of internal issues.

In July 2022, we are very lucky to have Chi Nei Tsang in Dublin with Senior Universal Tao Instructor and international expert in the CNT field, Jutta Kellenberger.

Jutta is the Global Branch Leader of Chi Nei Tsang and guides and manages how this massage is taught around the world. Please feel free to get in touch if you’ve any questions about this training.

To find out more about the training - click here.

With good chi,

Bringing the Tao to You


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