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Iron Shirt Chi Kung for Internal Power

It’s hard to put into words but learning Iron Shirt Chi Kung has been the most complete experience for me. It benefits on three levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yes, spiritually!

On a physical level, quite quickly it helps to align your structure – this ensures that Chi or life force can flow easily. It activates and detoxifies your organs and glands and helps to develop a protective cushioning around them. This protective element is how it got the name Iron Shirt – in olden times, when martial arts training was widespread, one would learn Chi Kung/Qi Gong to guard against a blow to the internal organs in combat. The rooting practices of Iron Shirt also have a grounding effect, where you learn to work with the energy of the Earth, the alignment of the bones allows it to spiral upwards. It brings vitality and youthfulness to those who practice.

Emotionally, one’s organs are nourished and in the Tao system the organs store emotions and virtues. Each structure has the potential to teach you something which is applicable to your everyday life. I’ve found that the master stance of Embracing the Tree has taught me to set my boundaries, to assert myself and take decisive action when needed. In the golden urn position, I’ve learned to project my mind, eye and heart power and to rely on my own spirit as a true source of stability.

Spiritually, Iron Shirt Chi Kung condenses, strengthens and creates more Chi – which provides the foundation for higher spiritual work.

Try it out for yourself – this ancient art, originating from about 1000 BCE. Join our Iron Shirt workshop with Senior Instructor Olivier Barré.

With good chi,

Bringing the Tao to Ireland

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