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Who is Mantak Chia?

Mantak Chia is the foremost Taoist Master in the world. A true teacher, a legend that has passed the test of time. He has been teaching for almost 50 years, written 56 books and has taught tens of thousands of students the Inner Alchemy practices of ancient China. He is the founder of the Universal Healing Tao System, much-loved and practiced worldwide.

Mantak Chia was born in Thailand to Chinese parents. He learned to meditate at the age of 6 with Buddhist monks and at an early age met his Taoist master – One Cloud Hermit (Master Yi), “who demonstrated extraordinary powers”. Here, he was initiated into the Inner Alchemy practices of the Tao, closely guarded secrets for thousands of years.

In Asia, Mantak Chia trained ardently in martial arts and studied with many Masters of Taoist and Shaolin descent before going to the West with Master Yi’s blessing to bring the Tao to Western people. He first started to teach in Chinatown in New York and it was here that the Universal Healing Tao system was born.

Master Mantak Chia was awarded Qi Gong Master of the Year award twice – in 1990 and again in 2002. He is the only person to ever receive the award twice. Mantak Chia featured as 18th on the most Spiritually Influential People in the World List (Watkins Review). He is highly regarded for his understanding of ‘chi’ – energy and has worked with international universities in exploring this concept of the body’s electromagnetic current.

Mantak Chia teaches with humour and passion, with wisdom and heart. His cultural blend of Chinese origin, Thai upbringing and having lived for many years in the US gives him a unique disposition – a very friendly, intelligent and warm person. He understands how Westerners think and learn, and having studied anatomy he integrates a scientific and practical element to the teachings.

Master Chia is dedicated to ensure the Tao continues growing for generations to come and that people worldwide will benefit from this ancient knowledge.

Join Mantak Chia’s online Global Seminars for health, rejuvenation, wisdom and transforming sexual energy. The feedback has been amazing, many comparing it to a one to one session with a Taoist Master. He brings these teachings alive to you in the comfort of your own home. Learn how to feel your own energy/life-force as well as simple tools to balance your emotions & reduce stress. Harness the healing power of sexual energy – the best investment in your life-force!

These seminars are open to beginners. For more info and to book your place – click here.

With good chi,

Bringing the Tao to Ireland


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